In 2013 the Ministry of Interior issued a program for residency through investment. The instructions included granting permanent residency to investors from non-European countries once they purchase a house or apartment or land in Greece with at least € 250.000.




Living in Greece

Invest in Greece


Original documents in English ( no stamping needed )

  1. Notarized Passport Copy.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (including academic qualifications).
  3. Utility Bill (e.g. electricity, water, etc.) to prove residence ( original country ).
  4. Two (2) photographs for each member in the family.
  5. Documents to prove income from other sources other than employment in Greece. (shares, companies, industry, rentals, etc.)

Documents stamped from Greece Embassy (English translation)

  1. Marriage Certificates.
  2. Birth Certificates.

Documents prepared by Cynvestco

  1. Health Insurance Certificate for each member of the family.
  2. Original documents to prove the purchase of property in Greece.
  3. Statement of money transfer and deposit account in a Greece bank.

How Can we Help you

No need to visit Greece to accomplish the needs to start the procedures but the Applicant is free to visit in order to choose the property.

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