In 2009 the Ministry of Interior in Cyprus issued a program for residency through investment. The instructions included granting permanent residency to investors from non-European countries once they purchase a house in Cyprus with minimum of € 300.000, or two apartments with total of € 300.000.


  • The applicant must possess a valid passport issued from his country.
  • Purchase a house in Cyprus with a minimum of € 300.000.
  • The applicant must have a good reputation.
  • Must open an account in Cyprus bank with fixed amount of 30000 Euros.
  • Have a guaranteed income to live in Cyprus.
  • Must have a clean criminal record and no terrorism involvement of any type.


  • A very easy and secure property investment, with no risk.
  • The program includes the father, mother and all the children.
  • Possibility to include the parents of the father and mother.
  • This residency does not need to be renewed yearly, it is life valued.
  • The program does not require the applicant to live in Cyprus.
  • If reside out of Cyprus, then a visit to Cyprus is needed once every two years.
  • The holder of Permanent Residency can get the Schengen very easily.
  • The full right to apply for naturalization after seven years of living in Cyprus.


  • NO difficulty in required list of documents.
  • NO long or complicated procedures.
  • NO risk in the property investment.
  • NO need to reside in Cyprus.
  • NO governmental immigration interviews.
  • NO bank complications in the proof of funds.


  • Best comfortable climate in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Attractive environment combining sea, hills and mountains.
  • Hospitality and respect to all religions and cultures.
  • English language speaking by majority of community.
  • High degree of safety, and very low rate of crime.
  • Highest level of living standard with moderate costs.
  • Strategic location connecting Asia, Europe and Africa.
  • Lowest tax rate compared with the European Union.
  • Advanced level of education with best English schools.
  • Advanced health care within the EU standards.
  • Social activities, entertainment and shopping centers.
  • Convention of entering the Schengen in the very near future.


  • Strategic location in the Middle East.
  • Full membership in the European Union.
  • Lowest tax rate in comparison to other EU countries.
  • The use of English language in business.
  • High level of safety and political stability.
  • Advanced communication and transportation.
  • Advanced banking system according to EU reports.
  • Clear perspective for future development.


Original documents in English ( no stamping needed )

  1. Notarized Passport Copy.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (including academic qualifications).
  3. Utility Bill (e.g. electricity, water, etc.) to prove residence ( original country ).
  4. Two (2) photographs for each member in the family.
  5. Documents to prove income from other sources other than employment in Cyprus. (shares, companies, industry, rentals, etc.)

Documents stamped from Cyprus Embassy (English translation)

  1. Certificate of Clean Criminal Record.
  2. Marriage Certificates.
  3. Birth Certificates.

Documents prepared by Cynvestco

  1. Health Insurance Certificate for each member of the family.
  2. Original documents to prove the purchase of property in Cyprus.
  3. Statement of money transfer and deposit account in a Cypriot bank.
  4. A confirmation letter from a Cypriot bank of a fixed deposit of a minimum capital of  €30.000 for  3 years period.
  5. Affidavit to show  the yearly income of applicant.


  • Support the applicant in obtaining a visa.
  • Transportation from and to the airport.
  • Booking a hotel and a flight on request.
  • Touristic tour in the cities.
  • Viewing the houses for purchase.
  • Interviews to explain the program.
  • Open a bank account in a Cyprus bank.
  • Prepare the contract of sale.
  • Registration of the property.
  • License for a house purchase from authorities.
  • Apply for the permanent residency.
  • Follow up for the preparation of documents.
  • Health insurance in Europe.
  • Prepare relevant documents.
  • Register the municipality services.
  • Follow up taxes and fees.
  • Transfer the ownership of the property.
  • Stamping passports with the Permanent Residence.
  • Apply and get the identity cards.

A visit of 4-7 days to Cyprus, is enough time to accomplish the needs to start procedures (Tour in the city, Choose the property, Open bank account, Sign application documents..est.). Cynvestco, supports applicants from A to Z .