In 2013 the Cyprus government has formulated a ‘fast track’ citizenship scheme aimed at ultra high net worth individuals, investors and entrepreneurs from allover the world This allows the applicant, after a successful application, to hold a Cyprus passport and have all the benefits of a European Union citizen. All applications are reviewed by the Ministry of Interior and ultimately approved by the Council of Ministers. This is especially useful for an individual, national of a country outside the European Union, to hold a passport and citizenship of an EU member state country.



Why Cyprus Citizenship

Cyprus is considered to be one of the most popular jurisdictions to obtain citizenship, due to the following:

Benefits of Living in Cyprus

Benefits of Investing in Cyprus

Citizenship Through Investment

1. a) The applicant can make an investment of 2,000,000 euros for residential units, which must include a residential property of at least 500,000 euros.  

    b) The applicant can make an investment of 2,500,000 euros for commercial units, which must include a residential property of at least  500,000 euros.

2. The applicant must pay a donation of 150,000 euros to the Cyprus government (75,000 euros  for Foundation for Research and Innovation and 75,000 euros for Cyprus Land Development Corporation.)  

How Can we Help You

Cynvestco have a wealth of knowledge and experience in finding the most appropriate investment depending on your expectations. After our meeting with you and knowing your interests, our team of experienced individuals will provide a list of suitable properties explaining the advantages and disadvantages for each property and the possibilities of management in the future. Additionally, our legal consultants will supervise the sale and the registration legally at the government  registry offices. They will also help you administer all relevant documents in compliance with Cyprus immigration laws. And after you have successfully obtained Cypriot citizenship, our experts will guide you on your Citizenship rights and obligations.

LANDS AND PLOTS: Where it is possible to buy residential large pieces of land and then sell them as they are in the future and make profit or to divide them in small pieces of residential plots and sell them individually. It is also possible to buy Commercial or tourist land and start developing and building them for the purpose of investment or for selling in the future, knowing that the profit that is made from selling the property in the future is exempted from taxes for investors whom will invest in Cyprus 2016.

HOUSING AND COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS: For customers whom are wishing to buy  buildings, we can offer a long list of residential and commercial properties offered for sale, according to the price at which evaluated by specialists, some buildings are new and  some need renovation  which can be done by our staff, these properties can be invested as short or long term investment , at the same time we can provide management  for any property upon your request.

HOTELS AND TOURISTIC BUILDINGS: We can provide our investors with a list of touristic projects offered for sale, some of these projects are either still operating normally, or some are closed, or maybe they need to be renewed, or even some of those projects are under study and planning or under construction. Investment in the field of tourism is the best choice for the Cyprus market  due to the annual increase in the number of tourists because of the advantages offered by the island in terms of security and other temptations and if you are interested we can secure the suitable management to run the hotel or even to rent it by them.

SPECIALIZED PROJECTS: It includes specialized buildings for specific uses or activities, for example  health  buildings such as clinics and hospitals, and  educational buildings such as schools and universities, or sports buildings such as a tennis club or horse  riding or swimming. It is possible to buy a ready project with an agreement for management by professionals in that field. It is also possible  to create ideas for new projects.

Steps to Naturalization

1. Open bank account (Documents needed as follow)

  1. - Letter from the company of the applicant showing his yearly income
  2. - Contract of sale of property or shares
  3. - Ownership of factory, building, company along with 2 years audits.

2. Investment

3. Registration

4. Documents

5. Application

6. Approval

7. Costs




main applicant
€ 2,000
€ 5,000
€ 7,000
€ 2,000
€ 5,000
€ 7,000
dependent child over the age 18
€ 2,000
€ 5,000
€ 7,000
dependent child under the age 18
€ 80

€ 80

Total fees for the whole family
€ 50,000